Saturday, November 19, 2011

Talking Point #9

Author: Christopher Kliewer
Text: "Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome" Going to School: Ir a la Escuela
     In the reading by Kliewer, the concepts of school citizenship, community, and educational equality where brought up several times. Students with Down syndrome are seen as different to the extent of segregation. Kliewer writes, "the notion of Down syndrome often obscures our ablitiy to recognize the child as a child. She or he becomes a walking pathological syndrome, a mobile defect on the loose". Its true to think that these students are different but everyones different. We all learn differently and we all have our own individual voices. This voices are often silenced or made unimportant because others see a genetic condition instead of a person. There needs to be a new way of looking at students with Down syndrome and more educators need to think of these students as individuals instead of a group. These educators need to value what these students want out of their education and they need to be more sensitive to the needs of these students. They also need to have faith in these students. Anyone can be amazing if given the chance to be.
     Once I was done reading Kliewer, "Citizenship in school: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome" I thought of this video. It digusting and sad a teacher would talk to a student in that fashion. Teachers are people students should trust. They are incharge of molding minds and inspiring students to hold value in education and higher learning. The man in the video isn't doing anything he should be doing. Calling students hurtful names doesnt encourage them. It makes them feel low and stupid.


  1. Wow that video is disgusting. I agree with your point that people with down syndrome need to be treated as individuals. That's a major step in education.

  2. oh my god that video just made me sooo angry while watching it!! i cannot believe a teacher, especially one working in a school specifically for students with special needs, could act in such a hurtful manner towards a child. that poor kid is going to be traumatized for the rest of their life!

  3. I am enraged while watching that video. This is exactly what Christopher Kliewer mentioned in his article. If you segregate students who are labeled as handicapped or has special needs or disabled, they feel secluded from the rest of the world and community and thus limits their opportunity to excel their own individuality and when you have a teacher who supports the segregation and to say that no one cares, just makes the person feel worthless. That leads to the student not learning. If that teacher had an approach similar to Shayne, the class would turn into a better learning environment.

  4. this is horrible i can't believe there are teachers out there like this. A teacher is supposed to be a mentor, definitely not a bully. And I know when I become a teacher I will try to have my students be open with me and they can tell me anything and not be afraid of me..

  5. what a horrible excuse for a teacher! she didnt pick the right profession.